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Our Home


Our Home


Endeavor Design Inc. was founded in 2002 in Vancouver, Canada dedicated to designing products we love to use. With Endeavor Snowboards as the foundation, our rider owned and operated brand continues to grow. 16 years later, we enjoy coming to work on Monday morning to operate global brands Endeavor Snowboards, Airhole Facemasks, and Sandbox Helmets, selling to 35 countries and over 2000 retailers.

Primarily a winter focussed business, Endeavor runs a lean operation consisting of seven full time employees working out of our office in Vancouver. Here we control design, marketing, global and Canadian sales, finance, production, logistics, and customer support. A sales office in Los Angeles, CA controls our USA territory and throughout the world we have distributors selling our products to their respective country. We work with seven factories in China, where all of our products are made, and ship with 3PL warehouses in Canada, USA, and Holland.



Endeavor is a family business, owned and operated by pro snowboarder and founder Max Jenke and his father-in-law and CEO Bruce Wells, a fashion manufacturer and retailer from New Zealand. Together, along with the management team who have become part of the family, the business continues to thrive. Passion, determination, resilience, and the excitement of opportunity propel Endeavor forward.

Management Structure

Bruce Wells - CEO

Joel Giddings - Sales & Brand Manager

Katy Gilbertson - Operations & Finance Manager

Vicky Low - Graphic Design

Max Jenke - President & Creative Director

Aaron Vujicic - USA Sales Manager

Greg Hearn - Customer Service & Accounts

Chris Bishop - E-Commerce & Digital Manager


If you’re ever in the neighbourhood, stop in for a coffee!


Endeavor Design Inc.
439 Railway Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6A 1A7

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